Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Un-Hiding Mickey

Honestly, I'm a hidden mickey junkie. Ever since I heard about the whole thing, I've been completely obsessed with finding them. So, in honor of my obsession and the title of this blog, we go ahead with a Hidden Mickey article about hidden mickeys.

A hidden mickey is the simplest thing in the world: just three circles put together to form the outline of Mickey Mouse's head. There are other variations including his profile, full body, or hand print but the most classic remains the three circle outline. These little things have been hidden all around Walt Disney World by Imagineers in places you'd never imagine. Check out this Mickey head in a tuba at Mickey's Philharmagic:

Now, you may ask, what's the best way to find them? Well then... on we go!

Your best friend in your hidden mickey hunt is the Hidden Mickeys Guide: A Field Guide to Disney's Best Kept Secrets. This book is available at most gift shops around the WDW property and lists all known hidden mickeys by location. There are hundreds hidden in the parks but if you don't want to lose precious park time searching for circles, I'd suggest taking an afternoon away from the hustle of the parks to recuperate and search out some mickeys in the Disney resorts.

Once you've got your trusty book, pick two or three resorts you'd like to visit (some of the deluxe resorts can be a lot of fun to explore). Check out the WDW website for a full resort list. From there, it's as simple as marking the pages for those resorts and heading out. Naturally, some mickeys are hidden in places that only guests staying at that resort can access like this mickey on the quilt in Port Orleans French Quarter. But, on the whole, mickeys can be found throughout all-access areas of resorts.

Many of them can be really tricky to find, so don't lose your head over it. I once spent an hour looking at a single rock formation in the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge trying to find one. Once you start going that far, it stops being fun. Remember, this is a break for you to catch your breath and have a bit of a scavenger hunt with your group. It isn't the end of the world if one or two slip by you.

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