Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My First Hidden Mickey

The first Hidden Mickey I found on my own. It's still my favourite

As a life-long Disney fan, I guess it's only right that this is where we end up. My parents took me to Disney World a bunch of times when I was a kid and, now that I'm older, I'm still actively trying to plan trips to Florida. Even when I know I can't go (whether it's money, work, or school getting in the way) I'm almost always looking into hotel rates, flight times... I've even gone so far as to compulsively check for new additions to the menus at my favourite restaurants and what rides will be under referb so I don't get the crash of knowing I can't ride Splash Mountain when I'm already knee-deep in the Magic Kingdom.

Maybe there's a twelve step program for people like me...

But this is what I wanted to share. It seems like if you're not taking a five year old or you are that five year old, alot of people think there's not much to do at Disney World. I really couldn't disagree with this more and I'm not just preaching the spas or golf courses or the other services just for adults. So that's the goal. Hoping to offer up some fun Disney vacation ideas and get some Disney memories in return.

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