Monday, June 13, 2011

Top Tens for 20s

Ever wonder what there is to do at Disney World when you're in your twenties? Here's a quick list of my favourites:

10. If your parents took you to Disney World as a kid and tried to make it a somewhat educational vacation they took you on Spaceship Earth. Judi Dench's English narration can only be so fun for so long, so try it out in another language and make up your own stories for the scenes.

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9. Your appetite will never be bigger than it is now. May as well try to get through the Kitchen Sink at the Beach Club's Beaches and Cream diner. That's eight scoops of ice cream, three sauces, fruit pieces, bundt cake, angel food cake, brownies, a candy bar, oreos, sprinkles, nuts, marshmallow topping, and a whole can of whipped cream. Sure it's not healthy but when else are you going to get to attempt that?

8. Grab some headgear. There are so many options and they're all so much fun. Where else can you dork out and wear a princess crown, Minnie ears, or a pirate hat without someone thinking you're crazy? Take advantage while you're here.

7. Misbehave at the 50s Prime Time Cafe. When you sit down, they'll tell you the rules and you'll feel like you're six years old again being reminded not to put your elbows on the table. Don't eat your vegetables, though, and you'll have to face some good old fashioned punishment. Standing with your nose against the wall or singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" are some favourites. It might be a bit embarrassing but oh so much fun.

6. Take a ride on Characters in Flight at Downtown Disney. At 400ft above the ground, this balloon ride gives you the best view of the Disney property, including an awesome aerial view of EPCOT during the day and a gorgeous display of lights at night.

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5. Track down Miyuki when she's performing at the Japanese pavilion. Not only is she one of the most genuinely adorable cast members I've ever seen, she is a rare, amazingly talented artisan. For twenty minutes a set, she transforms balls of taffy-like dough into multicoloured animals using just her hands and a pair of plier-like scissors.

4.  Dinner at the Biergarten in EPCOT. What's better than eating massive amounts of German food while listening to live oom-pa music? Oh right... the litre steins of beer they serve.

3. Go mickey ear hunting. Most gift shops around the Disney property even sell guide books which list all the known hidden mickey ears in all the parks and resorts. Pick out a few before you leave your hotel for the day and try to track them down. I'll warn you from personal experience though... some will drive you nuts trying to find (once spent a half hour staring at a rock in the Animal Kingdom Lodge trying to find one).

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2. Extra Magic Hours (pm) at the Magic Kingdom . When the crowds are gone, cast members can really get into their roles and rides you may have had to wait a long time for during the day are practically deserted. Definitely the time to check out the Haunted Mansion.

1. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. If you stick with me long enough, you'll hear me rant about this fireworks show. To keep it short, this is the must-see show at Disney World when you're a bit older. Less whimsical than the Magic Kingdom shows, it uses lights, fire, water jets, fireworks, a 350 000lb LED-lit globe, and the single most brilliant musical score I've heard for a fireworks show to take you through the history of human development. (Tip: set up camp outside the Italian pavilion on the bridge overlooking the lagoon for the best seat in the house)

♥ Rhys

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